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      Shanghai Xi-run Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a R & D, production, trade in one of the high-tech chemical company. In recent years the company with several well-known domestic and foreign research institutions and international well-known enterprises established a good cooperative partnership. The company's products especially in aqueous polymer field has a very significant effect on the cross-linked


Friends from all walks of life to everybody:

On behalf of all employees of the company to long-term care, support the development of the company and the society from all walks of life at home and abroad customers to extend my sincere gratitude!

The West run chemical, is a young and mature, steady and dynamic high-tech enterprises. We adhering to the "technology pilot, facing the world, dedication is the sea, wing Chong-class" entrepreneurial spirit and the "quality first, reputation first" corporate purposes, with great enthusiasm to create and achieve dynamic business management model, is committed to the field of high and new technology development and innovation, the accumulation of a rational structure of personnel, development and provide quality products and services. Efficiency comes from diligence. A deed is accomplished through taking thought. I firmly believe that: as long as we all western people run be conscientious and do one's best work, diligently studies, think not to stick to one pattern, make painstaking efforts to create, to face challenges, fight bravely, it is certain that the West run chemical, build a world-class science and technology innovation in enterprise. Because of this, we are like you in the future full of hope and confidence.

In this new era," west to China " will meet the new demands of social development, with scientific outlook on development to carry out all the work, to maintain high morale and pragmatic and innovative style, fully grasp the important opportunities for cooperation, and strive to improve service consciousness and service quality, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, in the new historical period, to achieve new development, new span, creation is new brilliant!